• US Prepaid Telecom Inc. (USPT) is a powerful integrator of telecom products, services and e-commerce technologies. We specialize in the distribution of pre-paid telecom products and services including phone cards and pre-paid wireless products and white label affiliate programs. USPT has its “E-trepreneur” White label Program designed for people who have the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and marketing savvy to utilizing our experience and expertise in e-commerce. We are in the process of launching “MAestro” Pin-less Rechargeable Affiliate program for this fast growing niche. USPT carries over 600 prepaid products to call to over 230 countries and territories.

    High consumer demand, together with increasing market competition has continued to exert downward pressure on pricing for telecommunication services. With rising operating costs and decreasing margins on core services, phone card distributors and re-sellers are searching for value added service providers, like USPT, to provide specialized services. USPT is dedicated to the provision of these services. The goal is to maximize the scope and results of their respective marketing efforts including e-commerce which can reach consumers throughout the world and access products and services, from the convenience of their personal computer 24/7, while providing the technical expertise necessary to manage their prepaid products.

  • It is our mission to ensure the highest level of consumer satisfaction by making available, the most diverse set of customized products to meet our customers' needs. In order to minimized the cost of marketing, USPT asks everybody who has extra time and an entrepreneurial spirit to join our winning team in distributing online instant pin prepaid products.
    USPT has adopted a strategy, which focuses on unique, demographically defined markets and includes the establishment of a physical presence in such local communities. In so doing, USPT can capture a large percentage of the business generated in a particular community and negotiate preferential rates with the major wholesaler and carrier, servicing the area in question. USPT is committed to ensuring that the needs of our customers are met with the same care as those of large major distribution organizations.

    USPT successfully launched it’s e-commerce business in June 2000. This business launch marked the delivery and fulfillment of a key segment of the USPT strategic business plan, offering our customers another service option to purchase a wide variety telecom products via the phone card websites.

  • USPT is presently implementing a business-to-business (B2B) strategy that will create operational efficiencies to enhance existing and future margins. This strategy will allow all levels of USPT's distribution chain to access the company through their very own online store, a dynamic, internet based, management interface; thus allowing the user to interact with all aspects of their purchasing, selection, inventory control, account review, order status and payment functions. Accessibility to the Electronic Accounting Tracking System (EATs) network allows USPT to share operational data systematically, and instantaneously, with wholesalers across every time zone. The results lead to more clarity throughout the supply chain, fewer surprises, and no inventory, no bank account and no extra programming needed. The distributor will have more time to do promotion and drive more buyers to their web site. With better synchronization, the entire supply chain can benefit tangibly. This also shortens the USPS receivables cycle and creates optimum use of financial resources, costly work forces, and transportation services. In addition, it allows USPT a quicker response-to-market time. These efficiencies create greater satisfaction and loyalty among distributors.

  • With any web-based browser, distributors will be able to view all available telecom products, buyer sign up and transactions in real time. The system processes requests, through a fully encrypted secure interface. This reduces the chance for human error and allows for instantaneous order satisfaction. Instant pins will be delivered to the end user in no time, 24/7. The order data is simultaneously uploaded to the card-processing department, the accounting department and the inventory control department. The automation of these aspects of operation effectively decrease the amount of administrative time and expense required to process everyday business functions.

    One of the many strengths underlining the success of USPT, hinges upon the company's excellent grasp on distribution. USPT will be launching a new ANI recognition program and rechargeable pin service, linked directly to our vendors switching facility. In order to cater to the existing online instant pins distributor, USPT will launch it’s high tech “pipe-line program”, which is to be the warehouse for all the instant pin web sites.


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